About Pinokio
Pinokio is a social media platform that leans into the craziness that is "social media". You can come here and share your favorite memes, create videos for your friends and most importantly laugh.

Hey Pinokio Users, 


      Like many of you, we are sick of what social media has become. So, we decided to create something that breaks that mold. No more worrying about if your silly meme crossed the line; no more "fact checkers" giving you their opinions and passing it off as fact; and most of all no more hypocrisy. We all know what the world is really like; it's messy and sometimes it's upsetting. That is just reality. As much as we want the world to be all rainbows and unicorns; it isn't. 

So, here is the thing. We are commited to making sure our users feel wanted. No matter their race, religion, political affiliation, gender, sexual preference. This platform does not belong to us. It belongs to the people who want a place where they can truly be themselves. Not that "pinokio" crap we have been dealing with for the better part of a decade.